Monday, September 15, 2008

Halloween Costumes For the Little One

It's that time again! Halloween is creeping up on us, so get a head start in looking for that perfect costume. Fun and quirky costumes aren't just for adults anymore. Dressing up your infant or toddler can add some Halloween spirit (and it's just plain cute!) Check out some of these adorable costumes that Baby Center Store has to offer.

Charades Elephant Newborn Costume
My daughter was this elephant last year and was such a hit!

Charades Chili Pepper Newborn Costume Chili Pepper
Be sassy and spicy in this infant Chili Pepper costume

Charades Monkey Newborn Costume
Kids are always "monkey"ing around. How perfect!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Manhattanite Fashions

I'm always on the lookout for stylish new web boutiques. Manhattanite not only offers chic fashions for women, but they also have cute and witty tops for expecting mothers, baby couture, and clothes for that unexpected fashion icon in your family, your doggy. Here are some of my favorite items.

This Gypsy 05 organic maxi dress has been seen on many celebrities include Lauren Conrad, Hayden Panettiere, Christina Aguilera, and more. Check out the other colors featured in this style as well as the trendy ombre Gypsy 05 dress.
Gypsy 05 Organic Maxi Dress in Lipstick

I absolutely love these onsies and shirts with the angel wings on the back. These recently flew off the shelves at our local baby boutique before I could get my hands on one. I'm glad I found it on this site.
Angel Wings Short Sleeve Onesie

Who said you can't be cute and comfortable in your pajamas? Yes, sleeping in those huge baggy t-shirt are wonderful, but I can't help but feel frumpy in them. This pj set will help cure my nighttime fashion blues.
PJ Salvage Henley Thermal Top

Ok, I couldn't help it. They have costumes for your doggie!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cheap Thrill - Forever 21

Many think that Forever 21 is a store geared for teens. While this may be true, they constantly offer certain pieces that appeal to women of all ages. Think thrifty shopping where you have to search for a great item, but they payoff is great (and so is the price).

Forever 21 now has three other stores that are connected that offer a variety of choices that you can place in one shopping cart. Heritage 1981 is a prep store like A&F and A&E, casual and cool. Twelve by Twelve is their higher fashion line with a little bit of a higher price tag, but still very affordable. The newest addition to the Forever 21 family is called For Love 21, and is mostly an accessory store with cute cheap fashion jewelry, handbags, belts, etc... Best of all, shipping is free with any combined purchase over $75. Believe me, it's easy to accomplish. Happy Shopping!

Lucite Twirl Tunic
Forever 21 $24.80

Academy Sweater Vest
Heritage 1981 $22.90

Halter Maxi Dress
Twelve by Twleve $36

Orchid Hair Clip
For Love 21 $4.80

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Boot Time

With the hot summer months coming to a close, it's about that time to start looking for a new pair of funky boots.

Blowfish Hobbit Plaids Shoes - Brown Workshirt - Women

These Blowfish Hobbit plaid boots will add a punch to your outfit instead of going with an ordinary brown leather boot. Is it still warm where you live? These Hobbit boots are made to wear in warm months as well. This style is becoming very popular now, and at $49, it's easy to see why.
Found at Planetshoes

Who would have thought that a Koi fish on a rain boot, could be this chic? Don't be a afraid to make a statement in the rain as these Chooka boots are meant for good and bad weather alike. Snag a pair for $59.95 at Endless. Hurry as sizes are going fast!

Update: On sale now at Amazon for $34.95. Check out the many other funky prints and styles as well.

EMU Australia Bronte Hi Boots - Black - Women

Here's a great Ugg alternative without the high price that comes along with it. These EMU hi boots are $78 compared to $200 it would cost to buy the Ugg version.