Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cheap Thrill - Forever 21

Many think that Forever 21 is a store geared for teens. While this may be true, they constantly offer certain pieces that appeal to women of all ages. Think thrifty shopping where you have to search for a great item, but they payoff is great (and so is the price).

Forever 21 now has three other stores that are connected that offer a variety of choices that you can place in one shopping cart. Heritage 1981 is a prep store like A&F and A&E, casual and cool. Twelve by Twelve is their higher fashion line with a little bit of a higher price tag, but still very affordable. The newest addition to the Forever 21 family is called For Love 21, and is mostly an accessory store with cute cheap fashion jewelry, handbags, belts, etc... Best of all, shipping is free with any combined purchase over $75. Believe me, it's easy to accomplish. Happy Shopping!

Lucite Twirl Tunic
Forever 21 $24.80

Academy Sweater Vest
Heritage 1981 $22.90

Halter Maxi Dress
Twelve by Twleve $36

Orchid Hair Clip
For Love 21 $4.80

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